We are a group of engineers specializing
in machine tools and industrial machinery,
so we can fix any kind of machine.

We are not fazed by old models, no drawings, or a lack of manufacturer support, etc.
Please contact us before you give up.

Technical Partners

As professionals in machine tools
and industrial machinery,
we have a proven track record both in Japan and overseas.

  • We can handle difficult requests from your company that have been rejected by other companies.

  • We field Many requests from major Japanese companies, and have business partner agreements with major machine tool manufacturers.

  • World-class technique and skills, machinery diagnosis, preventive maintenance, and improvement proposals to prevent line stoppages

Introduction of our Technique and Skills

This can be achieved because of Shiozawa Kougyou.
We are Proud of our High Accuracy.



You don't have to have a drawing.
Please contact us before giving up.

We will reply within 3 business days.